Sanosil Canada, a story of family and passionate people.


Here is the story of Richard Bourbonnais, President of Sanosil Canada

For Richard, it all started in 1984 when he worked alongside his mother, Jeannine. At that time, their main business activity was the manufacture of solvents and paint strippers, which had been started in the 1969s.

From 1985, Richard decided to broaden his horizons and began manufacturing new products related to industrial cleaning.

1995 saw the dry ice cleaning and blasting veteran we know today. After an investment exceeding half a million dollars, Richard Bourbonnais is the first to promote this type of proceeding.

To this day, accompanied by the members of his team who have been loyal to him through all these years, Richard alone has over 37 years of experience and has several thousand brilliantly executed projects to his credit.


* Les Affaires newspaper archive, September 9, 1995


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