MRSINK Hand wash disinfection station

The MRSINK hand wash disinfection station is easily transportable with its
handle and integrated wheels. Designed for use where hand washing is required,
for example in an office, classroom, construction site, festival, food court,
hospital, shelter, containment area or insulation and everything else. This
compact design allows use almost anywhere. The station is shipped completely
assembled and ready to use. Everything is entirely made of stainless steel and
with components that comply with FDA standards.
May be sold with Sanosil S003 Hygienic Hand Sanitizer.
Available for rental or sale.

Hygienic hand disinfection

Sanosil S003 is a highly effective multi-use disinfectant based on hydrogen
peroxide and silver. Sanosil S003 is suitable for hygienic hand disinfection. Sanosil
S003 does not cause skin irritation or allergies. Sanosil S003 has no carcinogenic
or mutagenic effects.

Special properties

  • Sanosil S003 contains NO alcohol, phenol, aldehyde, QAV, perfume and /
    or color. It is therefore also suitable for people with intolerance to one or
    more of these active substances.
  • Sanosil S003 does not exhibit negative sensory properties (odor, taste,
  • Sanosil S003 can also be used without a second thought in the food
  • Sanosil S003 is not basic, so it does not attack the acid protective layer of
    the skin
  • Sanosil S003 is not flammable (unlike many other products). This minimizes
    the risks during transport, storage and use.