Sanosil S010 offers your employees security

Employees assigned to civil protection or emergency services are often the first to come into contact with contaminated areas. Automatic vehicle disinfection at the touch of a button makes everyday work safer. After the defined disinfection and rest phase, the vehicle can be used safely. Since the disinfection process runs automatically, no employee is exposed to aerosols from the disinfectant. In addition, there is no wet film or the like on the surface that should be wiped off.

We exclusively distribute the Sanosil S010 manufactured by the Swiss firm Sanosil AG. This product has been successfully tested in the laboratory and contributes to the fight against 2019-nCoV (COVID-19). It is also accepted by Health Canada as a hard surface disinfectant. Its effect is intensified by silver ions which, on the one hand, catalytically intensify the effect of peroxide and, on the other hand, also block the metabolism of germs and viruses. In addition, the possibility of cell multiplication is eliminated.